Baoyuan Biology

Plant Root Promoter Liquid / Microbial Fertilizer

Brand Shuangbao

Series Liquid microbial fertilizer

Other Name Compound Biological Fertilizer

NPK (%) ≥8

Organic Factor (%) ≥30 (source from Bagasse)

Amino Acid (%) ≥3

Vital Bacterium(cfu/ml) ≥2.5x108

Appearance Brown liquid



Application Range

It is suitable for all crops.

Application Method

It is used as topdressing fertilizer and foliar fertilizer.

For topdressing fertilizer: flushing, dropping, filtrating, and spraying, 5-10 liters per acre.

For foliar fertilizer: dilute over 800 times.

Please store in dry place by room temperature. Shelf period: 24 months.

Package size is determined as per customer request: 1L, 5L, 25L, 50L, 200L,1000L