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SOD Fruit Tree Fertilizer 15-8-12

SOD Fruit Tree Fertilizer 15-8-12

The NPK complex SOD fertilizer is jointly developed with several agricultural research institutions. Based on the formula of NPK, amino acid, fulvic acid and TE, we add SOD enzymatic factor for enhancing protective enzyme activities. It is able to postphone plant aging, and improve the ability of draught and cold resistance. With full nutrients of NPK, organic substance, humic acid, and amino acid, we also add chelated TE like Calcium, Boron, Zinc, Magnesium and Iron etc,which are necessary for fruit trees.
SOD: an antioxidant enzyme containing metal, plays an key role in anti aging for human beings, animals and plants.


1) Freeze resistance: SOD is able to improve freeze resistance ability largely.
2) Full nutrition: scientific inorganic nutrient, are combined with premium high Ca organic substances as full nutrition.
3) Disease resistance: the chelated trace elements like Ca, Zn, and Fe can effectively reduce nutritional deficiency diseases. 
4) Promote roots and enrich soil: with imported humic acid and amino acid as raw material, the fertilizer is also efficient in promoting roots, loosing and enriching soil.

Application Range

It is suitable for all fruit trees and vegetables.

Application Method

It is used as base fertilizer and additive fertilizer. 
Amount: 80—160 kg per acre.