Baoyuan Biology
时间 : 02-03-2018  


February 2nd,academician Dr.Hidalgo from Cuba visited Baoyuan accompanied by Dr. Zhaolin, DrYueqiulin, Mr Liu :chairman of baoyuan company and R$D team,both sides communicated to do the intensive cooperation,and watched the corporate video.

At the symposium,our chairman Mr.Liu communicated with guests cordially,introduced the domestic and overseas strategy to establish national bio-fertilizer technological center,and exchanged their ideas and thoughts,hoping to do the joint talent training.opened academic communication and technology cooperation about agricultural biology technology,soil remediation improvement,R$D new type fertilizer,commercialization of research findings and precise agriculture.


Academician Qrlando Borras-Hidalgo contributes to helping open agricultural technology services,increase efficiency and reduce cost.he holds the viewpoint that he will continue to pay attention on the major effort on China agricultural modernization development,simultaneously places a high hope on the development, and deepening the cooperation with Baoyuan.